Section Elevations

Garden9 Garden8 Garden6 Garden7These section  elevations show the importance of the trees in the planting for the garden. Evergreen trees provide year-long texture, form and colour and fragrance, and deciduous trees ensure seasonal variety, changing their colour, texture, fragrance and solidity of appearance. A variety of species encourages a greater biodiversity, and is more ecologically sustainable. From certain vantage points, including from the patio by the bar exit there is a juxtaposition of textures – coarse alongside fine; sizes – large and small; shapes – e.g. round beside conical or pyramidal; and gestures – e.g. cascading next to upreaching. Although the trees are planted asymmetrically, there is a certain balance achieved in the way they are grouped from each vantagepoint. The visual weight is equal on either side of each axis, and factors such as texture, size and shape are varied but harmonised – for example, seen from the patio, there is one large pyramidal fir tree on the right, and two smaller conical fir trees towards the left.


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