This was an attempt at a view from the patio towards the bamboo and eucalyptus, but I just couldn’t get the perspective to look right, because of the corner where the bamboo joins up perpendicular to itself. I abandoned this viewpoint and decided that my third perspective would be a view from near the corner join of the bamboo, towards the patio and Willmott building.


This first perspective was an early idea I had to include a free-standing artificial waterfall in the garden. I wanted a feature that would provide enough interest to draw people outside. I wasn’t able to justify the high cost and the risk to/from students, however, so I began thinking of alternatives. I eventually settled on a rockery. I think it could be very eye-catching and fairly unusual in clay-dominated Essex, and could be planted with fragrant plants. It could also be configured so as to offer alternative seating in dry weather, encouraging interaction of people with the garden. Although people might be tempted to climb a rockery, I think that the risk of falling is clear enough that people will climb with due care.

Garden5 Garden4 Garden2


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