View from inside the bar, looking through the doorway towards the brook.

Exploring the model has really helped me to imagine the experience of being in the garden that I have designed, and the moods of each part of the garden are much closer to being tangible. Having seen the model, I am glad that I didn’t give in to the temptation simply to fill spaces that don’t have a great deal in them. I feel that the open spaces could be quite successful in encouraging relaxation in users of the garden.100_2657 100_2660 100_2661 100_2664 100_2665 100_2666As with the section elevations, the model serves in great part to demonstrate the importance of the trees in the design. They provide a verticality that would otherwise be in short supply. They are not symmetrical through any possible line of reflection, but neither are they placed at random. Each tree stands exactly where it is needed. For example, the weeping willow by the stream provides a focal point that draws attention from people in all three sections of the garden, and thus will hopefully draw them through each section as well. The trees in the marquee garden act as a permeable boundary and offer some shade in the summer as well as a frame for a marquee. The eucalyptus and silver birch on the small lawn offer a dappled shade in the spring and summer whilst allowing the sun to warm people in the winter. The tree beside the rockery acts as a partial frame to draw people through to the marquee garden, and partly to provide the sight and smell of spring blossom.



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