Design and Design Brief

The client would like the garden for the college bar to be redesigned.

Must: have at least three separate areas; at least two entry points other than those through the building; be sturdy, durable and drunk-proof; be low maintenance and contemporary; avoid monotony and increase interest; provide space for outdoor events (both during the day and at night).

May: provide a secure area for events; increase access from the bar; increase interaction with the stream; provide shelter and/or a smoking area; use more lighting; have an outdoor bar in the summer; make use of recycled materials.

Must not: have large areas of gravel.

The designer would like the garden to feature forms with octagonal angles, recycled and sustainable materials, and year-round interest (but with less emphasis on the late summer since the staff and students will not be at the college during this time).Scan_04 Garden1


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