A1 Plan, Sections and Perspectives

2013-01-16 13.01.43

Plan and sections of garden as seen in mid to late spring.

2013-01-16 13.00.47

Perspectives of garden as seen in mid to late spring.
Top left: through the bar doors out onto the patio and towards the weeping willow.
Top right: from beyond the stream, weeping willow on the left, over the bridge towards the lawn and the bar building.
Bottom left: from the front lawn, beside the eucalyptus, towards the patio, rockery and Willmott building.

Contemporary but natural.

Three distinct areas: step out from bar onto partially-roofed patio area, rockery and planted lawn area with seating that is movable but heavy enough to stump destructive drunk students; move through to large lawn area suitable for marquees for large events, or lying in the sun on warm days; further out paths lead off to lordship campus or towards the car park and wooded area, or across the stream to the weeping willow and bog planting, and bulbs in the spring.

Spring colour: Alliums and spring bulbs, blossom. Autum colour: Muhlenbergia capillaris. Winter colour: Cornus alba ‘Sibirica’.

Juxtaposition of different textures, sizes and shapes – for example, the weeping willow with its cascading downwards movement contrasted with the upwards-reaching of the eucalyptus – they are seen ‘next’ to each other when viewed from the patio.

Architectural planting: Alliums, weeping willow and clumping bamboos – Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’ and F. robusta.

Dappled shade in late spring/early summer: Eucalyptus gunnii and Betula pendula (allowing sun in winter)

Auditory: bamboos and eucalyptus.

Fragrant rockery plants and blossom.

Patio made from octagonal paving modules – permeable as not fully interlocking. Would perhaps use a permeable filler in the gaps otherwise stiletto heels might get stuck.

Trellis along top of bar building to soften the facade.

Lighting: uplighting into trees to highlight form, size and texture at night. Appropriate colours for lights would need to be considered so as not to clash with the colours of the trunks and leaves. Spot lighting down from underside of overhanging roof. Possibility of small lamps at ground level along edge of patio and path to mark out edge. All lighting would be with solar energy in keeping with the brief’s guide for sustainability.


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