Measured Drawing

The first part of this process, hardening the fabric model, worked unexpectedly and extremely well with very cheap hairspray. I used a lot, and my bedroom smelt of it for a long time afterwards. The next step, drawing lines on the fabric to mark out the flat polygons that comprised it, was fairly straightforward, and actually very revealing – I looked at the object in a very different way having seen its ‘components’. Even just making those marks evoked a sense that it could be, or had been, assembled.

However, turning it from an image laid out on paper to a net that really could be put back together was such a challenge and I found that I just could not get my head around it. In the end it took a great deal of trial and error to produce a useable net, and only once I had managed this and fixed it together was it possible for me to really understand it. I hope there is a better system for going about similar tasks in the real world! I’m pleased, however, with the form that has emerged from this task – it is a much simplified version of the fabric model, but it seems to have a great deal of strength and stability, and, visually, great potential for interpretation.


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