Skeleton Island


I chose to work this form from the grid model. The wire was thick and hard to manipulate so it began to take the form of a spine rather than a full articulated skeleton. The difficulty with that lay in the fact that as a long object it was quite unstable and thus it was not easy to force it to bend in the desired direction – I was often at the mercy of the wire and not the other way around! One of the things I really liked about working with wire, however, was that once I had shaped it, there was no need to be delicate with it as there was with the other models, as it had plenty of give. This model certainly doesn’t have the kind of presence that the others do – this is not surprising given its material and form – and therefore feels neither completed nor like an object in its own right, but this is okay since its purpose is to form part of a process. I think, though, that I might have been able to impart more of a sense of completion had I joined the two ends of the wire together.


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