Laminated Island

I’m rather pleased with how this model turned out. It was very labour intensive to produce but its assembly was so much more straightforward than the assembly of the grid model that it took (or seemed to take) much less time. It is interesting to be able to compare the feel of this laminated model with that of the grid model. The laminated model is gently sloping, and feels much lower and sprawling, whereas the grid model gives a sense of drama with its columns that rush suddenly upwards and then suddenly down. The sections seem to burst up out of the level of the sea, whereas in the laminated model they blend more peacefully with the water – they seem to acquiesce.

It was easier than I thought with both these  models to keep the grain of the corrugated cardboard in one constant direction. The effect of this is nicely apparent in the laminated model and I think actually produces something more interesting to look at than if I had used a material without a grain. The biggest challenge with this excercise was in keeping the curved edges clean and smooth. This might have been easier with a smaller blade, and I often found myself wishing that I were working with wood so that I could sand it down. The model is very useful in demonstrating with clarity the structure of the island, as it gives a holistic understanding and the scale allows the viewer to imagine more easily the experience of  being in the landscape.


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